The Miracle of God


It took us 4 years before we had Kyra and that too after seeking help and advise from our gynecologist. When we decided we were going to try for a second child, we were all prepared to visit our gynecologist again. However, before we could even start on our treatment, Beth got pregnant with dear Nessya. It was a very pleasant surprise for the both of us and hence her name, which means “The Miracle of God” in Hebrew. Beth got that all figured out even before Ness was born. With Kyra, we couldn’t decide till a month after she was born! And that too only 30 mins before the deadline to register her name.

Kyra was actually looking forward to having a sister
A newborn Ness
Ness at her baptism with Father Richards. She had a habit of sticking out her tongue then. 


The two sisters would grow up to be really close. Kyra would often boss her around but Ness would follow. It didn’t take us long to realise the two sister were quite different. Ness grew up to be a really cute and adorable toddler. She was also feisty and fearless, unlike Kyra, who was always more cautious. When Ness was younger, she hardly smiled. That however, belied an inner cheekiness and mischief. Now at 8 years of age, she often goes into hysterical laughters.

Kyra took to Nessya and they have been pretty tight since


More of her fearless nature. Kyra was always more cautious around water bodies. Ness ran straight into.


Ness with her best impression of her grand dad.


Back then and even till today, it is always quite difficult to feed the two girls. Kyra loves Western food like Spaghetti and Pizza while Ness would only take Chinese food like fishball noodle soup and rice. Our helper used to prepare a bowl of noodles and on either side, a bowl of fishball soup and a bowl of Bolognese sauce.


As she grew older, she had lots to comment on and Beth and I eventually compiled a series, #nessyasays

Here are some of my favourites. Be prepared to roll your eyes.

Ness: I like your car daddy!
Me: Didn’t you tell me before that you preferred mommy’s car cause mine is too small?
Ness: No. I like the mini cause it’s small like me.
Ness: You know what else is smaller?
Ness: Germs.

Maths with Ness: If her calculated answer is not one of the 4 choices provided, her first thought is usually that there is something wrong with the question. Not something wrong with her calculations.

All this while, the kids thought that the resident Wessex rooster lived alone. Today, we spotted it strolling along the road with a hen.
N: the rooster has a girlfriend! Like I have 14 boyfriends!

Ness, Kyra and myself fried up a batch of french fries. When they were done, Ness took one, kissed it and said “I am so in love with french fries. I think I can marry one”.

Ness likes wearing her clothes loose fitting. This preference strangely enough extends to her underwear. Today she pulled out this large looking panty from her drawer and exclaimed: “Oh my gosh! What a totally great panty for me!”

These kinda sums up the girl she is. =)



Ness and her BFFs




2 thoughts on “Nessya

    1. Hello Fione! I think we just cope. There is a sense of fear to a certain degree. It is unknown territory for most. I worry if I will be able to spend time with all of them – to be there for them. I also worry about the cost of raising them up. That said, it is manageable for now and they are a joy to have. I am sure when if it comes to the crunch, we will be able to cope by adjusting our expectations. Thanks for taking the time to comment.


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